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20 July 2017
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Next Meeting

20 July 2017
Marks & Clerk
Our July meeting is being hosted by Marks & Clerk. Marks & Clerk has long been recognised as one of the leading patent and trade mark attorney firms across the globe, with eight offices across the UK and a further eight in North America and the Asia-Pacific.
You will find that our patent and trade mark attorneys together with our associated firm of solicitors offer a comprehensive range of intellectual property services - covering patents, trade marks, designs and copyright. This includes obtaining protection worldwide, portfolio management, strategic and commercial advice, licensing, enforcement, due diligence and litigation.
In addition, Marks & Clerk Consulting offers a wider range of services, complimentary to our mainstream services including IP valuations as well as product and design consultancy services. You can also access the extensive international network and intellectual property connections that we work closely with around the world to receive an integrated world-wide service.
The size and extent of our resources means that you will find expertise covering an incredibly diverse range of technologies and industry sectors all under one roof. This differentiates us. The broad technical expertise of our team along with full understanding of the commercial issues you face means that you need look no further for your intellectual property partner.

Guest Speaker
Rhian Granleese - Marks & Clerk
Have you ever thought that you should really protect your IP and wanted to know what options are open to you and what costs are involved? How do you put a value on your IP and is the hassle and cost of protection worth it or is it better just to keep it secret, execute quickly and stay ahead of the market. Rhian will share with us the various IP protection options that are open to you and the likely costs for: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Design Registration etc. as well some entertaining case studies and top tips for cost effective protection. Finally we will also have a whistle stop tour of what Brexit could mean for IP protection.
Rhian qualified as a patent attorney last century and her practice has grown to encompass most topics that fall under the general headings of electronics and physics together with mathematical modelling. Rhian also has a large software practice which ranges from business methods through to complex algorithms for machine intelligence. She is experienced in representing clients before the UK and European Patent Offices and has handled many oppositions and appeals at the European Patent Office.
Rhian practices in designs as well as patents. Her clients range from multinationals and SMEs based both inside and outside Europe. Rhian also represents some start-ups, Universities, University spin-offs and single inventors.

Business Pitches

Oana Korda - Woogie Woogie is an alien buddy that makes learning and discovery fun for children. Using AI and machine learning, their device is able to understand what each child is interested in, delivering personalised facts and stories to help them develop.
Today, our team of aliens consists of 8 awesome people, all driven by two motivations: building something tangible - a physical device and, making a difference in the educational area, using the latest technologies.

Tinashe Chipawe - Cocoon London Cocoon London™ is an environmentally focused technology start-up. Our mission is to minimise global cosmetics packaging waste. We are proponents of the advancement of Circular Economy and Clean Technology.
The problem is that each year worldwide the cosmetics industry alone produces over 100 billion units of packaging. Everyday consumer product packaging accounts for approximately one third of all landfill waste in the UK.
A recent Freedom of Information request by the BBC revealed that between 2014-2015 local councils were unable to recycle 338,000 tonnes of waste up from around 184,000 tonnes in 2011-2012.
Some brands and packaging manufacturers have found creative ways of minimising waste in an attempt to solve this problem due to social and legislative pressures, however, their solutions pale in comparison to our more practical alternative.
Our solution is called the Clever BottleT. A (patent pending) reusable bottle design and returns system for cosmetic creams, lotions and body wash products that has been designed to directly minimise the amount of cosmetics packaging waste. The reusable bottle design prototype also operates as an airless discharge pump system without the addition of a completely separate traditional pump unit.

William Bainborough - Doordeck
Doordeck builds hardware and software for controlling electronic locks such as magnetic locks used in commercial and industrial spaces, strike locks, garage shutters, gates, etc.
Doordeck's approach allows it to sit alongside existing physical access control systems to extend them with smartphone functionality such as unlock wherever, share virtual keys and restrict access to time windows. Doordeck is a simple hardware module that can control any electronic lock, it connects to the Doordeck cloud platform and empowers administrators and users alike by allowing them to perform all operations from their smartphones.
Drawing on our founder's 15 years of security industry experience, Doordeck refines the access control market with our pioneering system designed to remove all unnecessary elements from the user experience. Our aim is to give control back to the customer with our intuitive interface which enables adaptable solutions to the widest possible range of access requirements.

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20th July 2017 - Marks & Clerk
26th September 2017 - Reed Smith
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