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Support and advice and access to knowledge and mentoring are the key elements identified as required by start-ups and growing companies.

Starting and successfully growing a business is a dream for many people. It can be a long and lonely road to success or perhaps - failure. It doesn't have to be that way; being part of a supportive entrepreneurial community is one of the keys to ensure the success of your venture.
We should all be only too willing to help at a time of drought. We would hope that with the wealth of talent within our community and elsewhere, we could help our fellow colleagues raise funds, source advice & make connections for their latest "adventure". If so, this is the place to discuss it, swap hints and tips, provide online mentoring and maybe find those elusive funds. It is not a place to advertise your services, but rather Pay It Forward for the help that you may have received in the past, within these walls.

3Cs is an active community of over 500 members, where advice and critique comes free-of-charge for the budding entrepreneur.
  • Help create a business Environment that is supportive to the goals of your organisation and your customers
  • Find others who can help you get your company off the ground including investors incubators, mentors and advisors
  • Benefit from the knowledge exchange between our members so that being a member means your company gets ahead of the competition
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